Hi Beautiful Soul! Thank you for taking the time to change your life and enlighten your soul. You have no idea the transformation you are in for. For those of you who know nothing about me let me give you a little insight on who I am. My name is Randina Marie, and many know me as the Queen of Rapid Transformation. I am the Author of “The Power of a Woman” and Founder of The Power Of A Woman Transformational Coaching and Co-Founder of Sacred Visions. I am a Manifesting Mentor, Transformational Relationship and Success Coach, Speaker and Master Energy Healer, and I am known for healing from the core.  I specialize in mentoring Women to ignite their Spiritual Power and I teach them how to create their life, their way.  

I help women Reinvent who they are by healing their lives and their self worth, and programming them for Ultimate Success; Aligning them with who they really are at their core; Sentient, Beautiful, Powerful Beings, capable of achieving anything they desire. 

I am an intuitive and have clairscentient and other extra sensory abilities that I use to facilitate the healing of the pain body within people (traumas, wounding, and limiting beliefs). I have the gift of sensing, knowing, seeing, and healing core fractures and hidden limitations, blocks, and barriers within people, releasing them from the karmic density cycle (Karmic Density cycle= repeating painful patterns and lessons over and over), allowing them to remember who they truly are and harness their true authentic power to create the life of their dreams, at quantum speeds.

I am a Licensed Master Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner, a Certified Life Coach, a Certified Master Weight Loss Coach, a Certified Motivational Coach, a Certified Social and Emotional Intelligence Coach, an Angelic Goddess Reiki Practitioner, a Past life regression therapist and an Energy Healer. I am The creator of the Divine Effect®, a powerful healing modality that transforms lifetimes of limitation and wounding in just one session. I am also a certified HYMS (Heal Your Money Story) Money Coach, and a GRANDMASTER MONEY REIKI PRACTITIONER; I work with my own Goddess Money Reiki Modality that is proven to change your money life. I am an Entrepreneur at heart and love facilitating group courses and live retreats. This along with my coaching practice and a lifelong mission to learn, is how I have been able to accomplish so much in my life. Helping women overcome their challenges in life, and their learned and conditioned false identity, is my passion.  When a woman aligns with who she really is, and that negative voice in her head becomes her biggest fan, there is nothing she can’t accomplish in life.

I have had the privilege of helping thousands of women break out of their cocoons and manifest a life they truly love, taking them from being broke and "un-attractive", to abundant and magnetic, no matter what their background. I have been blessed to include my beautiful and gifted daughter Kayleigh Alexa in this work.  We are the founders of Sacred Visions, and truly know the power of connecting with spirit.

I am a Transformational change agent, and have dedicated my life to the study of human consciousness and its effects on the Universal field. In other words, I have been able to figure out how and why we co-create our lives. I believe and know we all have a purpose for being on this planet at this specific time, and I know my purpose is to help women to see how powerful they truly are, no matter what their life may say to the contrary.

Part of my purpose is to empower and inspire women to create their life by their own design. To teach them exactly how, scientifically, this is done, and how to engage the energy life force of the Universe to create their lives the way they choose. You see, as spirit in human form, we all have this magnificent power. Unfortunately, most of us have forgotten how to harness it or it has been “conditioned” out of us. I am here to be an affirmative example of rags to riches, tragedy to triumph, and an overweight and un-attractive female with terrible self-esteem to a strong and confident sexy Goddess, creating life on her terms.

Life did not always work for me.  I was born into tragedy and lived there until I was old enough to realize I had the “victim of my circumstance” programming/mentality.  Because of this, my life was continuously repeating the patterns that were so deeply engrained within my psyche; I was on auto pilot and my life reflected the chaos.  I was unconscious, and living life as most do… believing everything happens to me.  I had no idea I was the one creating it all by default. I had to reach an extreme breaking point before I could experience a break through.  I was very young mom, my finances were in shambles, my relationships were destructive and abusive, I was lost and couldn’t see a way out, I was ‘broken’. 

It wasn’t until I began my journey into learning the science behind creation, and spiritually healing myself and others, that my life began to change. I spent  the next 10 years learning and studying the effects of the human psyche on the field of creation, and honing my gifts and talents as a Transformational coach and healer.  I have been blessed to not only heal my own life, but the lives of women throughout the world, with what I have discovered.  My old life is completely unrecognizable today, and I am now living from a place of power;  A gift I am deeply grateful I am blessed to give to others, every day of my life; and fulfill my soul reason for incarnating this time around.

There are “rules” to this “game” we call life and once you learn them, you can literally create any reality you focus on, into being. You are already doing this right now; you just may not be conscious or deliberate about it. Maybe you understand this concept, and just have no idea how to “make it all work” for you. Once I learned and applied these learnings, I went from being "unattractive", overweight, and unhealthy, to thin, healthy and beautiful. From lack and poverty, to producing multiple 6 figures, "working" part time; expressing my Soul's purpose and receiving wealth in exchange. I live in one of the most beautiful places on Earth, and am the happiest and most successful I have ever been, and this did not happen by accident. It was deliberate. I started from the bottom and I researched and studied for 10 years! It took me 7 years to figure out how to apply all I had learned, to get me and my children out of pain and into “Heaven”. I am here to save you years of researching and deciphering between true and false information; not to mention the life experience it takes to really learn it all. It is my mission to educate and empower women to get out of the loop of chaos and into the flow of happiness and abundance. This is what I do! And the women I work with are manifesting their total life transformations in less than 1 year!

There is a formula, and it is not as hard as you may think to duplicate it; it is truly MAGIC. I’ve seen it work with every one of my clients, my audiences, my friends,  my sisters, and my entire family. And because of this, I know with all of my Soul, it will work for you too. If you’re ready to take control of your life, if you’re ready to know what it feels like to be beautiful from the inside out, if you’re ready to have great relationships, if you’re ready to live life doing what you choose to do instead of what you “have to do”, and be happy doing it, well then my love, you are in the right place.

There is a reason your soul called you to this moment. It is no accident that you are here. There is a reason you attracted this information into your life just as I did years ago. You deserve Happiness, you deserve great Love, you deserve Abundance, and you CAN have it. I am here to save you the time, the trial and error, and the tribulation. If I can save women from the mental torture of negative experiences, I will have served my purpose. If I had not had all the people who wrote the books or created the documentaries, or those who trained me and coached me, I would not be standing here today, and my children would have grown up without a mother, just as I did. I do what I do because no one was there for my mother. She had no idea she had control the whole time, and she lived a horrible existence and died a horrible death because of it; and I had to watch it all. If I can save even one woman from needless suffering, my purpose will be fulfilled. If I could save even one child from having to witness their mother be taken out by fear, I will have served my purpose. It is near and dear to my heart to empower and inspire women for greatness. It is a science, and I am so grateful I am blessed to share this life altering information with you.

You are powerful. I’d be willing to bet most women who are reading this are a lot like me, and can relate to the hardships I have faced. Maybe you’re dealing with difficulty right now, or maybe you’re just ready to learn how to get to the next level. Either way, the information you will learn here will quantum leap you into your dream life. Thank you for your asking.

In Love and In Light,




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