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Like you, I was born with infinite power, but it took decades of agonizing heartache and chaos to learn how to embrace it. Two weeks before my 17th birthday, I watched my mother die, a victim of domestic violence. I didn't realize until years later, that I was following in her footsteps and repeating old toxic patterns. With 2 children and only $20 left in my pocket, I ended my toxic relationship and dove head first into the unknown.

My life was indeed one tragic story after another, but looking back, I would not be where I am today without it all. I learned to be reborn in the fire, and now I not only live an incredibly blessed life, I also help thousands of others to do the same.


It's Time For You To Discover The Purpose Of Your Soul, And The Power Of Your Being. You were born for a reason. Your challenges were designed to grow you Into Who You Are Truly Meant To Become. It is time to transcend your past and create a new life. RISE UP dear Phoenix, And create your life on purpose.

It's time to be reborn!

Founder of Creating Your Life By Design™, Goddess Alchemy Purpose To Profits™, and Creator Of The Divine Effect®, known as the “QUEEN OF RAPID TRANSFORMATION”.

Randina works with women from all over the world to create lives and Soul Purpose Businesses they love, quickly and gracefully. She has helped thousands of women discover who they are, manifest true love, increase their incomes, and express their true Souls purpose, all at quantum speeds, with honor, integrity, and love.

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"Listened to our session this morning, and it was intense, I literally felt each chakra clearing out, when it got to my solar plexus so much pressure and clearing and my throat chakra, I felt my throat burning and I could feel the release. After the session was over, I felt extremely light and felt like I needed to move my body and shake the energy around. I can't really explain how intense it was! Today I feel so light and soooo happy. Thank you Randina Marie"

~Kelly Hayward

"I can feel myself "shifting" in so many ways and I truly love the feeling. I for the first time since my pre-teens feel worthy,  I feel like I am a valuable person,  that I deserve to be Loved,  and for the first time Ever I Love myself. And I can say it without a negative feeling.  I don't feel that shame that I was conditioned with as a child. I can now say that I am worthy of having Abundance of money and materialistic things..I would say you've helped me more than any counselor and any one else ever has with my healing and becoming or getting back to my true self.. Thank you so much.. Have a Blessed day Randina." 


"I have been in the same position for 13yrs at my day job..I got a new boss last year and it has been a great year.. yesterday he gave me a promotion!! 6.5% raise!! I wrote everyday how thankful I was for the money I was about to receive and it just keeps coming!! Thank you Randina for giving us the tools and helping us create the lives we desire and deserve!!"


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Discover Your Purpose, Fulfill Your Reason For Being. 

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