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Your New Relationship With Money

Your New Relationship With Money

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In this Your New Relationship with Money Divine Effect® Hypnosis session, you will transform your relationship with money, so you can be a magnet to the monetary support you desire. 

Reprogram your old money story to a new and supportive one and watch your life blossom.


43 Minute Session

Digital Download

This product is a digital download Divine Effect® Healing/ Reprogramming Session.

Please follow session care instructions (see the care section below; this will also be emailed to you after purchase :)

Care Instructions

Listen with headphones. Be sure you are in a quiet space where you will not be disturbed.

Journal your experience and any insights and guidance you receive during the session.

Drink plenty of water (room temp with lemon is best) to cleanse your system.

*To heal emotionally much quicker, drink 1-2tbsp of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (with the mother) after each session. This removes emotional toxins from your blood.

Take an apple cider vinegar/sea salt/lavender oil bath after the sessions to extract any emotional toxins from your blood. (30 minute baths are ideal. The first 20 min the toxins are being pulled to the surface, the last 10 minutes they are being extracted)

*not medical advice

Additional Instructions

Please note: Some sessions use terms such as "women/sisters" etc. If you are a male, or are non binary, please switch out the terms for what suites you best.

Much love <3

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